Thrive 2055 Region Sees $1.05 Billion in Business Investment Announcements in June, 2015

“A win for one is a win for all!”

Our project manager, Bridgett Massengill was bouncing off the walls this morning when she realized that our 16-county region had announced $1.05 billion in business investments over the past month.

That’s Billion with a capital “B.”

Resolute Forest Service's Calhoun, TN Plant

Resolute Forest Products’ Calhoun, Tennessee Plant

This past June, our region celebrated the expansion of the Resolute Forest Products manufacturing facility in Calhoun, Tennessee ($270 Million|105 Jobs), the building of a new plant by Volkswagen of America supplier, Gestamp in Hamilton County, Tennessee ($180 Million|500 Jobs) and the announcement by Google that they will build a renewable energy data center on the site of the TN Valley Authority’s decommissioned Widow’s Creek coal burning power plant in Stevenson, Alabama ($600 Million|75 Jobs).

Watch a Video About Google’s Data Centers

One month. One billion dollars. To put that in perspective, between 2008 and 2012, when Thrive 2055 was still a working idea, our region announced $4 billion in business investments. This was incredible news for our region, especially considering the economic free fall that the rest of the country was experiencing.

But compare those four years to this past month and you can see why we’re so excited at Thrive 2055.

Photo of Jackson County Alabama

Jackson County, Alabama

By all indications, our 16-county region is on an incredibly fast economic growth trajectory. All the more reason that we need to work together to make sure that trajectory includes educating our kids, upgrading our transportation system and preserving the natural treasures that we love.

Please watch our new videos at and be a part of the conversation.

-Ruthie Thompson

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