A New Year, A Refreshed Perspective


For the past two years, I have seen Thrive 2055 go from concept on paper to a thoughtfully engaged initiative of people working on issues across our 16-county region with neighbors they had never met before. I’ve seen people transition from saying “me” to “we” as it relates to their community and their issues.  I’ve seen people roll up their sleeves and get involved because they want to have a part in doing something that will benefit generations to come, even if they may not see it in their lifetime.  I’ve seen people making decisions today that leaders of tomorrow will be building upon long after we’re gone. This is a region filled with inspired, thoughtful doers seeking ways to do things better. They don’t do this out of selfish ambition; they do it out of selfless respect for people and place. I’ve seen people becoming legacy makers, shaping and molding the future of the place they call home. Those people have been you; each one of you that worked on a committee, gave us your thoughts in person or on paper, or simply followed our progress from afar. It was you that informed and inspired the strategies we are to begin working on together.

Now we are moving into year three of this regional story.  Year three is where the action begins and we transition from a blueprint planning process to actively building the blocks of our region’s future based on the foundations that have been set from generations past.  Year 3 is 2015 – the forty year journey to 2055 begins now!  With a region filled with doers, this is going to be the fun part. You are one of those doers; without you, we won’t be as successful as we will be with you.  Are you in?

-Bridgett Massengill, Project Manager of Thrive 2055

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